Mr Khamvanh, director of All Lao Service, was born in the Si Phan Don or 'Four Thousand Island' area of southern Laos. Having a passion for elephants and understanding the drastic decline of the Asian elephant in Southeast Asia, Mr Khamvanh has dedicated his life to preserve the Asian Elephant and his Lao heritage Lan Xang – the ‘land of a million elephants’.


       Through the development of the All Lao Elephant Camp, the Mahout Training School and the Elephant Conservation Program, Mr Khamvanh is working with the Luang Prabang community to increase employment opportunities, raise tourism and ensure a sustainable future for all.


      Our conservation program aims to rescue and rehabilitate elephants from the logging industry which is now illegal in Laos. This will ensure that this majestic animal doesn’t become extinct and can live in a beautiful natural setting here at the park. Our mahout training school also allows mahouts to understand a new way of taking care of their elephants without harsh control techniques.


         Presently we have 35 hectares (86 acres) of forest to provide a home for 15 elephants. There are also an additional 15 hectares (37 acres) that has been made available by the Ban Noon Savath Village to supplement our elephant home. This increases our total available space to 50    hectares (123 acres), making All Lao Elephant Camp the largest elephant camp in all of Laos.


      The All Lao Elephant Camp opened in 2005 and we have continued to develop since. We have a new resort being built to open in late 2015, we have a new reception and cafe area, and we currently have available 16 beautiful chalets with river views.

You will find the area breath taking as you stroll around the grounds and take in the sights and sounds of this tranquil park. The elephants will melt your heart, and your excitement will increase with the many tour options we have available.


         Whether you stay a day or stay a week you can guarantee you won’t want to leave!

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